Analepsy – Atrocities from Beyond

Rising Nemesis Records

“Any one of the ten songs on Atrocities from Beyond can be played over a grainy video of a man being torn apart by starving dogs and nothing would seem out of place.”

Rising Nemesis Records

Apocalyptic Premonition
Rifts to Abhorrence
The Vermin Devourer
Witnesses of Extinction
Ferocious Aftermath
Engorged Absorption
Eons in Vacuum
Depths of Agony
Atrocity Deeds
Omen of Return

Atrocities from Beyond, the debut full-length of Portugal’s Analepsy, is ugly. Analepsy play a style of ultra-modern brutal death metal, one that is heavy on rhythmic character and constant aggression. Any one of the ten songs on Atrocities from Beyond can be played over a grainy video of a man being torn apart by starving dogs and nothing would seem out of place. Slam death doesn’t always bring out the best in criticisms, but Analepsy manage to keep the sound of mass extinction amusing for half an hour.

Production is very polished, with a huge low end presence. Guitars, tonally, are clear with enough distortion to keep palm mutes gross while retaining the clarity to give the occasional melodic line enough pop to stand out. Vocals are typical to the style of slam death, with occasional effects added on to provide character. Headphones rob the listener of the range the production gives off. Larger stereos systems will have the added benefit of noise complaints from their shitty neighbors at whatever apartment complex they’re living in.

‘Rifts to Abhorrence’ is a summary of what Analepsy pulls off at higher speeds. Short tremolo phrases with staccato palm muting to link section to section as the song progresses. Vocals range from extreme guttural to deafening shriek with subtlety on par with a cabin door of an airplane being ripped off midflight, sucking people out to really fly the friendly skies. Drums pound out complex double bass passages with apex precision. Across the board, Analepsy have noticeably improved since 2015’s Dehumanization by Supremacy.

‘Ferocious Aftermath’ has the entire band engaged as a single rhythm, in a manner comparable to current-era Dying Fetus and Suffocation, with a bit more exaggeration. How ‘Rifts to Abhorrence’ summarizes Analepsy’s faster material on Atrocities from Beyond is how ‘Ferocious Aftermath’ summarizes some of the slower or more moderately paced work on the album. Rhythmic palm-muted passages, simple and effective chord arrangement and precise, symmetrical drumming.

Atrocities from Beyond is a solid debut full-length from Portugal’s Analepsy. It manages to effectively avoid the common trappings of slam death and brutal death metal. Various tempos and shorter song lengths prevent stagnation and track-skipping, effective song writing and arrangement constantly keep the short narratives interesting, the composition is a constant emphasis on crushing tone and deranged melodies.

-A. Krause


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