10 2018 Releases to Jam Before the End of the Year

2018 is just about finished. Top (x) “albums of the year” lists are in full bloom. The mainstream music industry is still beating the udders of their old cash cows into total fucking dust and the underground continues to host – for whatever reason – its own demise through over-saturation and, now, nanny-state social-political bullshit, we have the usual problem of good bands getting overshadowed by unimportant nonsense.
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Wires from the Abyss – June 18th, 2018

Today’s update includes the following bands: Apokalyptic Raids (BRA), Deletere (CAN), Black Howling (PRT), Dragonlord (USA), Cemetery Urn (AUS), Curse Upon a Prayer (FIN), Abhorrence (FIN), and Fallen Empire Records (USA).

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Wires from the Abyss – June 15th, 2018

Today’s update includes the following bands: Innumerable Forms (USA), Watchtower (USA), Defecrator (USA), The Ominous Circle (PRT), Engulf (USA), Shed the Skin (USA), Invocation Spells (CHL), Outline (USA), Temple Desecration (POL), Asagraum (NLD), Mortuary Drape (ITA), Imago Mortis (ITA), and Equitant (USA).

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Golgotha x The Black Candle splitzine

“The quality of the print, the formatting, the unconventional use of space, the topics and bands covered signals back to the days where independent print magazines were like the town criers of the pre-internet heavy metal days.”

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Gates of Ishtar – At Dusk and Forever

Invasion Records/Century Media Records (reissue)

02/1998 (04/2017 reissue)


At Dusk And Forever wins the battle against time, remaining a solid listen and a nice piece of the true Swedish melodic death metal sound

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